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A Mask for Felix Barrett

Here’s a good pre-Halloween Christmas story. Around last Christmas I got a message on here from bloodwillhavebloodtheysay. I knew him only through his blog before, and in fact only met him once, briefly, a couple of weeks ago. So I am all the more grateful that he was kind enough to be the catalyst for this.

What happened was he met Felix Barrett in the Manderley and they got into talking. At one point, Barrett mentioned my painted masks. Apparently he had seen them and even wished he had one too! So Jonathan told him that he could let me know and put us in touch. And so he did, and after e-mailing Barrett I found out that someone in his office looks at tumblr sometimes, saw my masks and showed him. He told me that he really liked the banquet+hanging combination from my first mask, and although I don’t normally do duplicates, this isn’t exactly a copy, because that mask had four scenes in it and these two were on the back. So there is no way they will look the same when worn or otherwise.

Anyway, I painted this mask back in February, because Felix was planning to visit New York, but his trip kept getting delayed. At one point a colleague could have taken it over to London, but that didn’t work out either. Finally, a few days ago, the mask finally got to him. He really liked it too, so I am doubly-pleased. Very happy, in fact. It’s so wonderful that a person whose work I admire not only noticed mine (and without me even trying — I put them here to share with the fans and never in a million years thought he’d see that), but liked it too. Besides, he is endlessly sweet over e-mail; I’ve literally never seen anyone be a kinder e-mail writer.

And that’s the story. It’s amazing how things unfold sometimes. Now, if the Universe is tuned in, I’d like an e-mail from Tom Hiddleston please.

Thank you.

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  1. thebloodybusiness said: Incredible!
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    Absolutely beautiful. It’s wonderful to hear about, too!
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    The masks travelwedo paints are so beautiful, and I’m glad this one finally got to Felix! :)
  4. bloodwillhavebloodtheysay said: He keeps my sparkle mask, your mask, and the mounted mask award on his mantel, or so he said. :)
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