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Using a different test, Estes asked everyone to answer every question. Both the men and the women got 80 percent right, suggesting identical ability levels. He then tested the students again and asked them, after each question, to report their confidence in their answer. Just having to think about whether they felt certain of their answer changed their ability to do well. The women’s scores dipped to 75 percent, while the men’s jumped to 93. One little nudge asking women how sure they are about something rattles their world, while the same gesture reminds men that they’re terrific.

The Confidence Gap, a really interesting article about confidence, how it can be manipulated, and how it holds women back in the workplace (x).

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ART: B E A U T Y by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

Rino Stefano Tagliafierro brought back the expressive force of gestures of beauty that he springs from the immobility of canvas, animating a sentiment lost to the fixedness masterpieces.

It almost seems as if we could walk through the untouched nature and watch the angels sing their chorus.

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This is so breathtakingly unusual that I just absolutely want it on my blog.

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When I read or hear people refer to the Winter Soldier as the “bad guy”/”villain”, I always wonder if we watched the same movie. Like, did they miss Alexander Pierce and all the Hydra people? I didn’t think WS was bad even once, his eyes were always sad, even after blowing up stuff.

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bucky + the shield

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Such emotional tags, but they don’t really make sense. The shield didn’t “kill him the first time and save him the second time”. It actually saved him the first time, and didn’t do anything one way or the other the second. In that gif you can clearly see that if it weren’t for the shield, the robot guy would have fired right at Bucky and blown him to pieces on the spot —> no Winter Soldier for us.

And in the second gif set it’s just “bam! caught the shield. betcha didn’t expect that, did you?” and nothing more. It’s basically a really cool shot (my favourite of the movie, on par with the Hulk punching the metal centipede in The Avengers.)

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Agatha Christie quotes

"Mess! That’s what’s the matter with the world nowadays. Too much mess. And too much fine language. The fine language helps to conceal the mess. Like a highly flavoured sauce concealing the fact that the fish underneath it is none of the best!"

— Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Without the least warning the door flew open, and a whirlwind in human form invaded out privacy, bringing with her a swirl of sables (it was as cold as only and English June day can be) and a hat rampant with slaughtered ospreys. Countess Vera Rossakoff was a somewhat disturbing personality.

— The Double Clue

Here’s Jimmy Allenson. Such a nice boy. He saved my life in Egypt last winter — I was so bored, you know.

— The Shadow on the Glass

The Scotts are doing the turtle dove stunt, two required, not three, Porter’s devouring the Field, and I’ve been in mortal danger of being entertained by my hostess.

— The Shadow on the Glass

You see, I’ve known a good many young men, and these emotional scenes upset them very much - especially the dark nervous types like Martin Wylde. Women, now, can go through a scene like that, and feel positively better for it afterward, with all their wits about them. It acts like a safety valve for them, steadies their nerves down and all that.

— The Sign in the Sky

A disarming young man, thought Poirot — not so young, either, for there was gray hair at the temples and lines in the forehead. It was the voice and manner that gave the impression of boyishness.

— The Second Gong

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